Report a Card Lost or Found

What do I do if I lost my ID?

First, report your ID card as lost. This deactivates your ID, preventing the potential misuse of your ID card. It should be noted that if you do not report your card missing, you have no way to contest fraudulent transactions and will be held responsible by the University for all such transactions.
There are several ways to report your card missing:


  • Direct website:
    1. Go to GET.
    2. Click: Login Get / Click here to login
    3. Log in with your TCU username and password.


    1. Log on to
    2. Click on Student Services
    3. Click Frog Bucks
    4. Click “Click here to login”
    5. Log in with your TCU username and password.

    Using the TCU Mobile App

    1. Download the “TCU Mobile” app from the App Store or Google Play
    2. Tap on Frog Bucks under Quick Links or tap on Frog Bucks under the menu at the top left
    3. Log in with your TCU username and password.

Over the phone:

  • During regular business hours (8am to 5pm) call us at the ID Center
  • After hours, call the TCU Police Department
  • Once you have reported your card lost, you may come by the ID Center during normal business hours (8am to 5pm) where we will print you a new card. There is a $20 replacement fee.


  • The $20 replacement fee will be charged to your student account.

Faculty & Staff:

  • Faculty and Staff ID cards are replaces at no charge.

What should I do if I found someone’s lost ID card?

During business hours, any stray ID cards should be turned in promptly to the ID center.

The ID Center is located on the second floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union across from the south staircase.

After hours, please turn in any stray ID cards to one of the following locations:

  • The TCU Police Station
  • Library Circulation
  • The BLUU Information Desk