Check Transaction History

The TCU Student ID Card allows access to a number of financial sub-accounts. To check the transaction history of these sub-accounts, simply follow these directions:

TCU Mobile App.

  1. Download the “TCU Mobile” app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Tap on Frog Bucks under Quick Links or tap on Frog Bucks under the menu at the top left
  3. Log in with your TCU username and password


Log on to

    1. Click on Student Services
    2. Click Frog Bucks
    3. Click “Click here to login”
    4. Log in with your TCU username and password.

The Transaction History is a historical record and does not reflect payments. Do not use any information found in transaction history to try to determine funds owed to the university.

Can parents see the transaction history online?


This information is protected by the same federal law that protects your credit card information.

TCU’s contract is with the student; therefore we must treat this information as protected.