Door Card Swipe Access

Staff/Faculty Building Access

Your TCU ID is required for gaining entrance to these facilities or events:

  • Library
  • Post office mailboxes
  • Recreational Center (paid membership required)
  • Ed and Rae Schollmaier Basketball Coliseum turnstiles
  • Access to labs and classrooms (by arrangement only)
  • Identification for season ticket discounts for TCU sports
  • Select TCU music/theatre performances
  • Special lectures and events

As long as you are employed by TCU, you have automatic access to the library turnstiles and post office mailboxes.

No other access is automatic; all other access arrangements are made through your department.

The ID Center accepts access requests through emails from building deputies and department heads only. Please contact the building deputy or your supervisor for access requests.

Student Building Access

Your TCU ID is required for gaining entrances to these facilities or events:

  • Your residence hall, if you live on campus
  • Library
  • Computer labs
  • Wright Media Center/Carter Tech Center
  • Health Center
  • Department specific building access, such as music practice rooms and science labs
  • Free admission to athletic events for students
  • Recreational Sports/Intramural Sports
  • TCU Music/Theatre performances
  • Special lectures, concerts, and other events