Adding Frog Bucks

Frog Bucks can be used both on and off campus.
Students, faculty, and staff alike can add Frog Bucks. Frog Bucks can be added using three different methods.

First, they can be prepaid online on GET.

  1. Go to GET.
  2. If you are the student, faculty, or staff member, log in and click “Add Funds” on the right.
  3. If you are a guest, click “Click here to deposit funds into a student’s Frog Bucks account.”

Second, students with a credit in their student account can email Financial Services at and request some or all of those funds be used to purchase Frog Bucks. A member of the financial services team will verify that there is a surplus of funds in the student account, place a charge on the student account for the requested amount of Frog Bucks (not to exceed the amount of surplus in the account) and email the ID Center and the student a receipt at which time the ID Center will add the Frog Bucks to the student’s ID card within 24 hours.

Third, Frog Bucks can be purchased by check. A check can be taken to Financial Services in The Harrison Administration Building, suite 1402. The receipt must be taken to the ID Center for the funds to be added to the ID cards. A check made payable to TCU with the student ID number and ‘Frog Bucks’ in the memo line may also be mailed to:

TCU ID Center
PO Box 297375
Fort Worth, TX 76129

The funds will be added and the student will be notified as soon as the funds are available for use.

All Frog Bucks funds not connected to a dining plan are closed out at the end of the spring semester, and balances greater than $5 are credited back to the student’s account.

**For a list of participating restaurants, visit

NOTE: Frog Bucks cannot be billed to student send-home accounts.

The State of Texas says TCU is classified as an institution of learning, not a financial institution; therefore we cannot “lend” money that can be used off our campus. For this reason, any funds that can leave the campus (Frog Bucks) must be paid for in advance and cannot be billed.